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Hungry kitten (my story)

  1. Once I was walking down the street and I saw something strange on the sidewalk.
  2. It was a small furry thing with two big eyes.
  3. It was a small kitten.
  4. The poor creature was dirty and very thin.
  5. I always loved cats and I decided to take this little kitten home.
  6. When we came home, I gave him water and milk.
  7. He drank water, then he drank milk, then he looked at me and said: Meow.
  8. He was hungry. He wanted to eat.
  9. I gave him a piece of beef, he jumped on it and swallowed it in one second.
  10. After that he came to a bathroom and jumped into the bath.
  11. I thought: What a smart kitten.
  12. I washed him with a strawberry shampoo, he became clean and cute.
  13. I decided to give him a name Strawberry.
  14. Next day my kitten drank 2 liters of milk and ate 3 kilos of meat.
  15. The kitten was so small but he ate so much, he ate a great deal of food.
  16. In the week my Strawberry drank 5 liters of milk and ate 13 kilos of meat a day.
  17. He became really big.
  18. Next month my cat drank 33 liters of milk and ate about 50 kilos of meat a day.
  19. By the way, I forgot to tell you that I was a farmer.
  20. I was a very successful farmer and a very rich person.
  21. I had 500 donkeys, 300 horses, 700 sheep, 650 goats, 800 pigs, 900 cows, 1000 rabbits, 2000 hens, 3500 ducks and 5000 turkeys.
  22. I had a lot of milk and a lot of meat from my farm.
  23. My cat was so nice, so tender, so friendly, he became my best friend.
  24. There was only one problem.
  25. He was always hungry.
  26. In three months after I had found him in the street he ate 2 cows a day and drank 50 gallons (not liters) of milk every day.
  27. And still he was hungry.
  28. It could be a big problem for me and for my farm.
  29. How much would he eat next month or next year?
  30. One day I told my cat: "You can't eat so much. You have to stop. Or I'll take you to the forest and you'll never come back."
  31. The cat looked at me, said nothing and went to sleep.
  32. He didn't eat anything for the whole day.
  33. I was happy.
  34. Next morning I woke up in a good mood, I gave my cat 10 gallons of milk and 2 donkeys and I said to him: "Now you are on a diet."
  35. My Strawberry looked at me, blinked, finished his food, gave me a loud purr and went for a walk.
  36. My cat now looked like a huge tiger, but he was very friendly, everybody in my farm knew him and nobody was afraid of him.
  37. I was happy that my kitten wasn't so hungry anymore.
  38. I didn't want to go to my farm that day, I wanted to have some rest.
  39. Of course I had a lot of workers in my farm, 2598 people worked for me.
  40. I could relax sometimes, because I had the best workers in my farm.
  41. I switched off my phones and the Internet, I wanted to read books in total silence.
  42. I had a plan to read 3 books a day.
  43. I was enjoying reading, I forgot about my farm, about my cat, about everything.
  44. But on the fifth day one of my workers burst into my house with a scream: "Master! Problem! We have a problem! We have a huge problem! You must go to the farm! Take your gun!"
  45. We ran to the farm, and we saw a horrible picture.
  46. There was blood everywhere. Everything was ruined.
  47. And in the middle of this chaos my cat, who looked now like a big house, was sitting with seven horses in his mouth.
  48. OH, MY GOSH!
  49. "What have you done!?" - I yelled to my cat.
  50. "Sorry, friend, I was hungry and you didn't want to feed me. I needed to think about it and went for a walk. I found myself walking around the farm and every second I felt hungrier and hungrier. In the beginning I ate only hens, all of them, 2000 ones. Then I ate 3500 ducks and 5000 turkeys.
  51. Next day I ate 900 cows and 800 pigs. Next day - 500 donkeys, not so tasty animals I would say, and 700 sheep.
  52. Next day I finished 650 goats and 1000 rabbits, rabbits are really delicious things.
  53. And today I'm finishing horses. I've just eaten 285 of them. And we have 15 horses alive. I think I am full. And you? Are you hungry? Meow."
  54. As soon as he finished speaking he jumped at me. BOOM!
  55. ...
  56. I woke up.
  57. I was lying on my bed and my little cute kitten was meowing really loudly.
  58. He wanted to eat. This horror was just a bad dream. But I was scared.
  59. I took the kitten and threw him out of the window.
  60. I don't want to have any cats in my life! I want to be free!
The author is Lidia Sokratova