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Food 5

  1. This is a fly.
  2. She lives in a big house.
  3. Her name is Nancy.
  4. She has a boyfriend.
  5. They like to eat a lot.
  6. They like meat.
  7. They like bananas.
  8. They like bread.
  9. They like butter.
  10. They drink coffee with milk.
  11. They drink tea with lemon.
  12. They drink whiskey with cola.
  13. They are very happy.
  14. They are never hungry.
  15. They have a lot of food.
  16. They eat and drink in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night.
  17. But they have one problem.
  18. Some people come to the kitchen and eat and drink.
  19. These people think it's their house.
  20. The fly Nancy thinks: I need to kill these people.
  21. The fly Nancy thinks: This is my house and I want to live here with my boyfriend!