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Food 4

  1. This is a fox.
  2. He lives in a forest.
  3. He is married.
  4. He has a big family.
  5. He has a wife and 29 children.
  6. Every day he goes to a shop.
  7. He buys beef.
  8. He buys pork.
  9. He buys chicken.
  10. He buys sausages.
  11. He buys bacon.
  12. He buys tomatoes and potatoes.
  13. His wife cooks every evening.
  14. She makes soup.
  15. She makes salad.
  16. She makes sandwiches.
  17. Then they eat.
  18. Father Fox eats chicken with vodka.
  19. Mother Fox eats pork with wine.
  20. Children eat meat, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, potatoes with cola.