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Food 3

  1. This is an elephant.
  2. He is very hungry.
  3. But he has a lot of money.
  4. He goes to a shop.
  5. He wants to buy bananas.
  6. He wants to buy grapes.
  7. He wants to buy apples.
  8. He wants to buy cherries.
  9. He wants to buy oranges.
  10. He comes to a big supermarket.
  11. He sees meat.
  12. He sees cheese.
  13. He sees eggs.
  14. He is in shock.
  15. He yells: Where are apples?
  16. Where are bananas?
  17. Where are grapes?
  18. People say: There, on the right!
  19. He goes there and he buys 900 kilos of fruits.
  20. And he buys a bottle of campaign and he goes home.