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Food 2

  1. This is a dog.
  2. His name is Max.
  3. He lives in a big shop.
  4. He sleeps in a big box.
  5. He works in the shop.
  6. Every day he walks in the shop.
  7. He watches people.
  8. People must put food into the cart.
  9. If they put something into the pocket, Max barks.
  10. He barks: Put it out! Put it out!
  11. People are afraid of Max.
  12. They put food out of their pockets.
  13. In the evening Max has a big dinner.
  14. He eats meat.
  15. He eats chicken.
  16. He eats sausages.
  17. He eats cheese.
  18. He eats steaks.
  19. He drinks tea and wine.
  20. He says: I am a very happy dog.