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Mama's puppies

There is a dog. Her name is Sara. She is very old and very tired. She is 35 years old.

She was a hunter. She worked 33 years and now she's retired. Sara has everything she needs. But Sara has less meat (to eat) than she used to. She has enough meat for herself, but she has a problem.

Dog Sara has 55 puppies, her children. They are hunters too and they all live with their mother. They don't bring her meat, they don't bring her bread or milk or water. They don't clean their beds. They don't do any chores at all. They are very lazy. They only run and jump around the house and break everything.

Sara cooks for them. Sara cleans for them. She is very tired. She is sick of this situation. She wants to kick her puppies out.

She thinks: "They are adults. They should live on their own. They should be independent. They should be responsible. They should cook for themselves. They should clean for themselves. They should have their own families. And I should relax because I'm very old and I'm very tired."

During lunch next day Sara says to her puppies:

"It's time for all of you to take responsibility. You shouldn't live with me. You should live on your own. You should cook for yourselves, you should clean for yourselves. It's time for you to cook. It's time for you to clean. It's time for you to get married. It's time for you to have your own families. It's time for you to have your own places to live. It's time for you to leave me alone. I'm not going to cook for you, I'm not going to clean for you. You should move out."

Puppies are very upset, they rant and rave: "You're a terrible mom. How can you do this? We're your children. It's not fair. You must cook for us. You must clean for us. You must love us always. You must be a good mom." They rant and rave for 55 days without stopping, but Sara won't budge.

Finally she is so tired of their whining, she yells: "GO AWAY! AND NEVER COME BACK!"

Puppies run out of the house. Everybody finds a place to live. One puppy lives near a restaurant, another one lives on a roof, some puppies live in a school, others - at the railway station. They go hunting, they serve people, they have their own food, they have their own homes. Every evening they see each other in the city center. They chat, drink beer and eat hotdogs. Puppies are very happy, because now they are adult, independent and responsible.

Sara is very proud of her sons because they're independent and adult, they're living on their own, not still living with her.

Sara is happy too, because she has a young and handsome boyfriend and finally they have a place for dating.