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A Kiss (2)

  1. Sara buys a new car.
  2. It's a huge car.
  3. It's red and fast.
  4. It's very expensive.
  5. While driving down the street Sara sees a handsome man on a bicycle.
  6. This is David Beckham.
  7. She yells to him: "Hi David!"
  8. He ignores her.
  9. She yells: "I can play football."
  10. He keeps going and he doesn't say anything.
  11. She yells: "If we play football and I lose, I'll give you my very expensive car for free."
  12. He stops, gets off the bike and says to her: "I'm not going to play football with you because you are a girl, I don't play football with girls. I don't want your car because I have 22 expensive cars, I'm a very rich man. Tell me honestly what you want from me."
  13. Sara says: "Can we go to dinner and chat. I like football very much and you are my favourite footballer. Please."
  14. He says: "Ok."
  15. They go to a restaurant, they chat, smile, laugh, drink tea and eat fruits.
  16. After the dinner David says: "You are a real football fan. I appreciate this. And if you drive me home I'll give you my bike as a present and I'll give you a surprise."
  17. Sara drives David home and she gets his bike as a present.
  18. And he kisses her on the cheek. (He is married, remember?)
  19. Next day she sells her very expensive car and she says:
  20. "Since this day I'll ride only this bicycle, always. Because it's not an ordinary bicycle, it's Beckham's bike."