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A Kiss (1)

  1. John buys an old car.
  2. It's a very cheap car.
  3. It costs only 30 dollars.
  4. It's a small, pink, slow car.
  5. One day he drives his car and sees a girl on a bicycle.
  6. She is a very beautiful girl.
  7. She is young and sexy.
  8. She has long beautiful hair and long beautiful legs.
  9. John yells to her: "Hello."
  10. She doesn't answer.
  11. He yells: "You are very beautiful."
  12. She doesn't answer.
  13. He yells: "What is your name?"
  14. She doesn't answer.
  15. He yells: "I love you!'
  16. She doesn't answer.
  17. He yells: "I will give you my car, if you go to dinner with me."
  18. The girl stops, gets off the bike and says to him:
  19. "I'm not hungry. I don't want to go to dinner with you. I won't tell you my name. I don't like you. I don't need your car."
  20. John says: "You just don't know who I am."
  21. She asks: "Who are you?"
  22. He says: "I'm Bred Pitt's brother."
  23. She says: "I don't believe you."
  24. He calls Bred by Skype and he says: "Hello, brother. I've met a new girl. I'm sure, you will like her. Can you talk to her?"
  25. And he gives his phone to the girl.
  26. She is in shock.
  27. She sees real Bred Pitt.
  28. Bred smiles to her and asks: "What's your name, sweetie?"
  29. She is so shocked, she can't say a word.
  30. Bred says to her: "Give the phone to my brother please."
  31. She does.
  32. Bred says to John: "My dear brother Johnny, why do you always find stupid girls? She can't speak. Forget about her and go home."
  33. John says: "Ok."
  34. And he's going to drive away.
  35. But now the girl says: "Don't go away please. I'm very hungry. I really want to go to dinner with you. My name is Sara. I like you very much. I like your car very much. I feel I love you. May I kiss you?"
  36. Of course John wants her to kiss him.
  37. They kiss.
  38. And then John says: "You don't love me. You probably love my brother. But you lost your chance. Good luck and good bye."
  39. And John drives away.
  40. And he says to himself: "It's impossible to find a girlfriend if you drive a cheap car. All girls love only money and superstars. Stupid girls."
  41. And Sara gets on her bicycle, she is crying: "Bred Pitt is the best actor in the world, he is the most handsome man in the world, I like him so much but I lost my chance. Now I will talk to every boy who wants to talk to me. Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio has a brother?"