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Day of the dead. Part 2.

  1. "If you want to see a real Day of the dead, come here at night."
  2. Of course I wanted to see a real Day of the dead.
  3. I was really curious about this night party in the cemetery.
  4. And I was a bit scared.
  5. "Have you ever been to a cemetery at night? I'm sure you haven't."
  6. I thought a lot, to go or not to go?
  7. I was always curious about many things in life, especially about dead people.
  8. And I decided to go.
  9. I was told that I needed to be there by 11 pm.
  10. And I needed to wear yellow clothes.
  11. It was very important.
  12. Yellow clothes were my ticket to the party and my protection.
  13. It was said and it was done.
  14. I was like a yellow clown at the gate of the cemetery at 10.50. pm.
  15. There were very many people there, about one hundred persons.
  16. Everybody was wearing yellow clothes.
  17. Some people were really excited, some people were frightened.
  18. I was extremely curious.
  19. At 11 pm the gate were open again.
  20. We came inside.
  21. The Guide said: "You need to find a grave of your relative, you need to stand nearby and you need to remember all good things about him or her and you need to say good words about this dead person aloud. Go and do this."
  22. I was kinda scared because I didn't know what to do. I didn't have any relatives there.
  23. I came up to the Guide and said: "I'm sorry. Can you help me please? I'm American. I'm a tourist. I have no any relatives here. But I want to see the real Day of the dead. What do I need to do? Please."
  24. The Guide answered: "Just find a very old grave with a very old person who had died 200 or 300 years ago. And if nobody comes up to this grave, to this person, it'll be your personal dead body for the party. And you'll need to make up some compliments for this dead person. It's very important. Understood?"
  25. I nodded: "Understood."
  26. I began my search.
  27. In 20 minutes I found a grave with a very old stone and the writing on it: "Jake Sooly. 1440-1477."
  28. I thought: "Maybe this guy was American. His name was Jake. He died almost 600 years ago. There is nobody near his grave. He will be my dead guy for this party. But what can I say to him?"
  29. It was very noisy in the cemetery at this moment. Everybody found their relatives, everybody was saying something. Aloud. Very loud. Mostly people spoke Spanish.
  30. But I didn't speak Spanish. I couldn't speak Spanish.
  31. I knew in Spanish only: "Holla. Donde esta la biblioteca?"
  32. I decided that my guy could be American and he could know English.
  33. I started: "Hello friend. I don't know you but I'm sure you are a nice person. Your name is really beautiful. I'm sure you were very brave and strong and kind. You lived not so long life but I hope you lived a good life..."
  34. I continued speaking in this way until 12 am.
  35. BOOM!!!
  36. A terrible noise filled out the place. 
  37. The ground was trembling.
  38. Earthquake?
  39. No. It wasn't an earthquake.
  40. It was something really frightening.
  41. The graves started opening with a very loud sound.
  42. Then dead people began to come out of the graves.
  43. Alive people were in shock.
  44. Some people were silent. Some people were screaming.
  45. Some people fainted. They just fell down next to the graves.
  46. The Guide yelled loudly: "Just don't run from your grave! Stay where you are. If you run you'll be dead."
  47. "Maybe I needed to stay at the hotel?..." I thought.
  48. I was scared like everybody else.
  49. "Why did I come? Will I die today? What can happen to me? Can I call the police? Do I need to pray? Will these dead people eat me? Mum, come and save me!!!" I yelled inside. I was in a real panic.
  50. But I looked around. Nobody was screaming anymore.
  51. Alive people were talking to their dead relatives.
  52. They smiled, asked a lot of questions, told their stories.
  53. I couldn't understand words, I still didn't know Spanish, but I felt intonations.
  54. The atmosphere became really warm and friendly.
  55. I relaxed for some seconds but then I felt surprised and a bit frustrated.
  56. My grave was closed. Nothing changed.
  57. I said aloud: "Jake, are you there? I'm waiting for you. Where are you?"
  58. And I heard a very hoarse voice from the grave: "I'm coming. Be patient. I'm a very old guy."
  59. ... to be continued ...