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Day of the dead. Part 1.

  1. I arrived in Guatemala.
  2. It was the Day of the dead.
  3. I really wanted to know about this holiday.
  4. I went to the cemetery.
  5. I saw a lot of people there.
  6. Everybody was happy.
  7. People drank, ate, chatted, danced, sang songs.
  8. People cleaned the graves.
  9. There were a lot of flowers everywhere.
  10. The sky was not blue.
  11. The sky was colorful. Why?
  12. Because kids were flying kites.
  13. I really liked this atmosphere.
  14. I remembered American cemeteries.
  15. They are always somber.
  16. Nobody smiles.
  17. Nobody laughs.
  18. Nobody drinks beer.
  19. Nobody dances.
  20. Sometimes people play music in American cemeteries but this music is very sad.
  21. No kites in the sky, no smiles, only cries and tears.
  22. I liked the Guatemalan approach.
  23. I liked that people were happy when they came to their dead ancestors.
  24. The Day of the dead was not only a day to remember those people who had passed away.
  25. The Day of the dead was a day to appreciate life.
  26. I walked and walked and walked through the cemetery.
  27. I admired everything there: happy faces, kids, kites, flowers, songs.
  28. In two hours one guy came up to me and said:
  29. "If you want to see a real Day of the dead, come here at night."
  30. ... to be continued ...