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Baseball pig (a secret player)

  1. This story is about one baseball team and their secret player.
  2. Once upon a time there was a baseball team named Giants.
  3. They used to be a great team.
  4. They were winners, champions.
  5. But once they lost something, they started to lose every game.
  6. They were very unlucky.
  7. They practiced baseball really hard, but they always lost.
  8. Twenty coachers tried to change this situation.
  9. But nobody succeeded.
  10. The players were very upset.
  11. Once a really rich man bought this team.
  12. His name was Donald Trump.
  13. He was extremely rich.
  14. He decided to buy new players for the team.
  15. He bought Michael Jackson.
  16. In his first game Michael broke his leg.
  17. Bad luck!
  18. Donald bought David Beckham.
  19. In his first game David broke his arm.
  20. Bad luck!
  21. Donald bought Michael Jordan.
  22. In his first game Jordan broke his neck.
  23. Bad luck!
  24. Donald bought Diego Maradona.
  25. In his first game Maradona broke all his fingers and his backbone.
  26. Bad luck!
  27. Donald didn't give up.
  28. He bought Pele.
  29. In his first game Pele died.
  30. Very bad luck!
  31. But Donald believed in his team and he believed in himself.
  32. He said: "I'll make this team great again! I promise!"
  33. And he started to look for new players.
  34. He went to every American city and every American village.
  35. He came into every house and every flat.
  36. Once he saw an odd baseball player, but the player was the best one, Donald had ever seen.
  37. He brought this player to the team.
  38. Everybody was really surprised when they saw this player.
  39. He was pink like a baby, very fat, with short legs and with a tiny funny tail.
  40. Can you imagine?!
  41. But he was an amazing baseball player.
  42. In the first game this player hit 50 home runs.
  43. It was a clear victory!
  44. Giants won. And they started to win every game.
  45. They became famous again.
  46. They became great again.
  47. Their new secret player made a difference in everybody's life.
  48. Who was this secret player?
  49. It was a baseball pig.
  50. This pig made Donald Trump the best coach ever.