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Baseball pig (I am a big)

  1. Hello. I'm a pig.
  2. My name is Pig.
  3. I have a dream.
  4. I want to be a baseball player.
  5. I practice baseball every day.
  6. I play baseball in the morning.
  7. I play baseball in the daytime.
  8. I play baseball in the evening.
  9. Sometimes I play baseball at night.
  10. I am crazy about baseball.
  11. I want to be the best baseball player.
  12. Once I go to New York.
  13. I try out for the Yankees.
  14. Yankees are the most famous team in America.
  15. I play very well, but the manager says to me:
  16. "I'm sorry, you are a good player, but you are a pig. Go home and forget about baseball."
  17. He kills my dream.
  18. I am very unhappy.
  19. I am very sad.
  20. I want to die.
  21. I go home and cry.
  22. In a week my friend Bob comes to me and says:
  23. "Don't be silly. Get a grip. Stop crying and practice again."
  24. I practice baseball again.
  25. I practice really hard.
  26. In a month I fly to San-Francisco.
  27. I try out for the Giants, they are the local baseball team.
  28. And they hire me!
  29. What a lovely day!
  30. They pay me only 2 dollars.
  31. But I'm happy because I am playing in a real baseball team.
  32. In the first game I do my best, I play vey well.
  33. And I get a huge raise - $540.000.000.
  34. I am rich and happy and everybody loves me.