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My day

  1. I wake up at 7 am.
  2. I brush my teeth.
  3. I have a shower.
  4. I have breakfast at 9 am.
  5. I have a cup of coffee for my breakfast.
  6. I have a sandwich for my breakfast.
  7. I don't eat much in the morning.
  8. I like black coffee without sugar.
  9. Sometimes I drink coffee with cream.
  10. I like coffee with ice-cream.
  11. But ice-cream is not very good for health.
  12. I can read a book when I am having breakfast.
  13. After breakfast I work on the computer.
  14. And I study English.
  15. I have an English lesson at 11 am every day.
  16. I speak English with my teacher.
  17. I do my English homework.
  18. At 12 pm I have lunch.
  19. I have soup, salad and tea for my lunch.
  20. In the evening I watch movies in English.