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Harry Potter. Part two.

  1. This is Petunia.
  2. She is Mr. Dursley's wife.
  3. She is Dudley's mother.
  4. She is tall.
  5. She is slim.
  6. She has a very long neck.
  7. She likes to watch everybody.
  8. She is not very beautiful.
  9. She is married to Vernon Dursley.
  10. She loves her son very much.
  11. She has a secret.
  12. She has a sister.
  13. But Petunia doesn't like her sister.
  14. She hates her sister.
  15. They are not friends.
  16. Because Petunia is a normal woman.
  17. But her sister is strange.
  18. And her sister has a strange husband.
  19. And her sister has a strange son.
  20. Nobody likes strange relatives.