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Go shopping

  1. I always go shopping in the morning.
  2. I never go shopping in the evening.
  3. Sometimes I go shopping at night.
  4. I like to go shopping.
  5. I must go shopping.
  6. I can't go shopping now.
  7. Do you like going shopping?
  8. When do you go shopping?
  9. How often do you go shopping?
  10. Why do you go shopping?
  11. Can you go shopping with me?
  12. Did you go shopping yesterday?
  13. Will you go shopping tomorrow?
  14. Do you want to go shopping?
  15. Why do people go shopping?
  16. Where do you usually go shopping?
  17. Who do you go shopping with?
  18. Let's go shopping tonight.
  19. Does he go shopping with you?
  20. Who goes shopping in your family?