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I go - I am going (all forms)

  1. I go shopping every day
  2. I'm going shopping tonight
  3. I go to work by bus
  4. I'm going to work today
  5. I go to the gym twice a week
  6. I'm going to the gym now
  7. My son goes to school
  8. My son is going to London this summer
  9. My husband goes to Madrid every week
  10. My husband is going to Madrid tomorrow
  11. I go to my parents every month
  12. I'm going to visit my doctor
  13. Do you go to work by subway?
  14. Are you going to work today?
  15. Will you go on holiday?
  16. When are you going on holiday?
  17. I went to Japan last week.
  18. I was going to Japan last month but my plans changed.
  19. He will go to Vietnam to his relatives.
  20. He is going to study Vietnamese.