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I can't

  1. I can't sleep at night.
  2. I can't cook.
  3. I can't read in Spanish.
  4. I can't speak Japanese.
  5. I can't work on Sunday.
  6. I can't drink green tea.
  7. I can't watch Russian movies.
  8. I can't be happy.
  9. I can't move in Canada.
  10. I can't buy alcohol.
  11. He can't drive a car.
  12. She can't drink beer.
  13. We can't study Polish.
  14. They can't speak Russian.
  15. I can't eat raw meat.
  16. She can't drink coffee with lemon.
  17. He can't cook even fried eggs.
  18. They can't go to school today.
  19. We can't get our money.
  20. You can't do it.