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Упражнения: перевод с английского на русский и с русского на английский


  1. This is an animal.
  2. It lives with people.
  3. It can live in a flat.
  4. It can live in a village.
  5. Dogs can be small.
  6. Dogs can be big.
  7. Dogs eat meat.
  8. Dogs eat fish.
  9. Dogs eat bread.
  10. Dogs eat vegetables.
  11. Dogs drink water.
  12. Dogs drink milk.
  13. Dogs don't drink tea.
  14. Dogs don't drink lemonade.
  15. A dog can swim.
  16. A dog can jump.
  17. A dog can run.
  18. A dog can bark.
  19. Some dogs have long ears.
  20. Some dogs have small ears.
  21. Some dogs have long legs.
  22. Some dogs have short legs.
  23. Dogs are people's friends.