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Упражнения: перевод с английского на русский и с русского на английский


  1. This is an animal.
  2. It lives with people.
  3. It can live in a flat.
  4. It can live in a village.
  5. It can live in a city.
  6. It can live in a forest.
  7. It is not a big animal.
  8. It eats meat and fish.
  9. It drinks milk and water.
  10. It likes to sleep.
  11. It likes to play.
  12. It likes to run and jump.
  13. Cats can be white, black, grey, red and brown.
  14. It has two eyes.
  15. It has a tail.
  16. It has four legs.
  17. Cats don't like to swim.
  18. Cats don't eat vegetables.
  19. Cats don't drink coffee.
  20. Cats don't go to school.