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What for? | ?

  1. What do you live for?
  2. What do you study for?
  3. What do you read for?
  4. What do you cook for?
  5. What do you work for?
  6. What do you eat for?
  7. What do you sleep for?
  8. What do you dance for?
  9. What do you buy it for?
  10. What do you do it for?
  11. I bought a new laptop. What for? You have two once!
  12. I want to go to China. What for?
  13. I'm going to study Japanese. What for?
  14. I need more money. What for?
  15. I must go to work. Now? What for?
  16. Give me another pen. Why? What for?
  17. I'd like to live 150 years. What for?
  18. She wants me to give her my car. What for?
  19. He sleeps on the floor? What for?
  20. I'll go to Paris soon. What for?