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Why? | Почему? Зачем?

  1. Why do you do it?
  2. Why did you buy it?
  3. Why did you buy cheese?
  4. Why will you go there?
  5. Why does she buy beer?
  6. Why did he break the TV?
  7. Why did you call me?
  8. Why will I remember you?
  9. Why do you study English?
  10. Why do you want a car?
  11. Why does she read this book?
  12. Why does he drive me home?
  13. Why should I do it?
  14. Why do you write so many e-mails?
  15. Why are you leaving?
  16. Why is she cooking?
  17. Why is he sleeping?
  18. Why are we here?
  19. Why did you call the police?
  20. Why did he love her?