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How many, how much? | ?

How many - , how much -

  1. How much coffee do you drink?
  2. How many cups of coffee do you drink?
  3. How much meat did you buy?
  4. How many kilos of meat did you buy?
  5. How much does he sleep?
  6. How many hours does he sleep?
  7. How much did she pay?
  8. How many dollars did she pay?
  9. How much water will we need?
  10. How many bottles of water will we need?
  11. How much do you read?
  12. How many books do you read?
  13. How much sugar do you eat?
  14. How many spoons of sugar do you add to your tea?
  15. How much (money) did you spend?
  16. How many dollars did you spend?
  17. How much beer will we have?
  18. How many bottles of beer will we have?
  19. How much sand is there?
  20. How many buckets of sand are there?