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  1. How do you feel?
  2. I feel very bad.
  3. Why do you feel bad?
  4. I feel bad because I drank much beer.
  5. Do you feel bad after drinking beer?
  6. I always feel bad after drinking.
  7. When do you feel fine?
  8. I feel fine when I sleep a lot.
  9. How do you feel when you sleep a little?
  10. I feel very tired.
  11. How do you usually feel after work?
  12. After work I feel fine.
  13. How does this woman feel?
  14. I think she feels sick.
  15. Why do you think she feels sick?
  16. She feels sick because her skin is very pale.
  17. How does he feel?
  18. He feels very good.
  19. How do you know that he feels good?
  20. Look at him. He is smiling and shining. :)