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  1. I drink tea without sugar.
  2. I eat meat without salt.
  3. I can't eat meat without salt.
  4. How do you live without money?
  5. I don't want to live without money.
  6. It's impossible to live without friends.
  7. He lives without a phone.
  8. Did she do it without his help?
  9. Will you do it without me?
  10. No, I'll do it only with you.
  11. Could you get me flowers without any smell?
  12. He couldn't live without candies.
  13. You must do it without any help.
  14. Why did you drink whisky without cola?
  15. Haw do you study English without teachers?
  16. Can you cook soup without water?
  17. I'll teach you English without grammar exercises.
  18. Do you understand this text without a dictionary?
  19. I never drink tea without milk.