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Упражнения: перевод с английского на русский и с русского на английский

Предлоги (время)

  1. I wake up at 7.00
  2. I have a shower at 7.30
  3. I have breakfast at 8.00
  4. I drink coffee in the morning
  5. I drink juice in the daytime
  6. I drink tea in the evening
  7. I drink water at night
  8. I work on Monday
  9. I work on Sunday
  10. I do nothing on Friday
  11. I was born in 1990
  12. I was in Turkey in May
  13. I was in Spain in January
  14. We were in Canada last year
  15. We will go to China in September
  16. I will read a book at 12 pm
  17. I went to Egypt in 2011
  18. I want to move in Canada in 2017
  19. I will be there at midday
  20. Let's meet tonight