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, (us, our)

  1. Never call us.
  2. Never come to us.
  3. Never dream about us.
  4. Never say our names.
  5. Never look into our eyes.
  6. Never try to find us.
  7. You must be afraid of us.
  8. We are not good and kind people.
  9. We are ugly and scary.
  10. Everybody is afraid of us.
  11. Our hearts are cold.
  12. Our eyes are black.
  13. Our voices are terrible.
  14. Our world is dark.
  15. Everybody wants to kill us.
  16. Everybody wants to destroy our bodies.
  17. But our bodies are strong.
  18. Our soles are immortal.
  19. Our world is old.
  20. Our world is a world of fear.
  21. So fear us.
  22. Run away from us.
  23. Hide from us.
  24. Hope not to meet us.
  25. If you forget about us, our world will forget about you.
  26. We are not interested in those who are not interested in us.
  27. So be happy if you don't know us, don't know who we are.
  28. If you know, if you have guessed, say good-bye to your life.
  29. Your life doesn't belong to you anymore.
  30. Your soul is our toy now, now you belong to us.