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With, without | Предлоги С, без

  1. I drink coffee with milk
  2. I drink tea without sugar
  3. He drinks beer with fish
  4. He drinks cola without chocolate
  5. I eat meat with potato
  6. I eat meat without bread
  7. She lives with her husband
  8. She lives without money
  9. I work with my friends
  10. I work without days off
  11. He reads books with pictures
  12. He reads English books without a dictionary
  13. I walk with my granny
  14. I walk without my children
  15. She cooks with her mother
  16. She cooks without meat
  17. I sleep with my toys
  18. I sleep without a pillow
  19. He buys a phone with a camera
  20. He buys a computer without a printer