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My, his, her, your... | Свой, своя, свои по-английски

  1. I go to my parents.
  2. He walks to his office.
  3. She lives in her own house.
  4. I eat my food.
  5. We have our garden.
  6. They like their new TV.
  7. You have your own dog.
  8. Drink your coffee.
  9. I live with my husband.
  10. I spend time with my children.
  11. He walks his dog.
  12. She plays with her cat.
  13. You talk to your friends.
  14. You fight with your brother.
  15. They sell their old car.
  16. They save money for their children.
  17. He sleeps on his bed.
  18. She drives her car.
  19. I love my family.
  20. We are proud of our country.