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Harry Potter. Part three.

  1. Once Mr. Dursley drives to work.
  2. He sees a cat in the street.
  3. The cat reads a newspaper.
  4. 'How can it be?' thinks Mr. Dursley.
  5. He looks at the cat again.
  6. He sees a simple cat without newspaper.
  7. 'My mistake', thinks Mr. Dursley.
  8. He drives to the office.
  9. He sees a lot of strange people in the street.
  10. These people are in cloaks.
  11. They are wearing blue, green, purple cloaks.
  12. 'What is it?' thinks Mr. Dursley.
  13. 'Is it a festival of idiots?'
  14. Mr. Dursley looks in the sky.
  15. There are a lot of flying owls in the sky.
  16. An owl is a big bird, which usually flies only at night.
  17. Mr. Dursley comes out of his car and sees a group of strange people in cloaks.
  18. They say: 'Harry Potter".
  19. Mister Dursley is very surprised.
  20. 'I must talk to my wife when I'm at home,' he says to himself.