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Present Perfect |Since, for|

  1. Since I was a child I've always wanted to be a superstar.
  2. I've never wanted to be a teacher since I finished school.
  3. I've studied English since last year.
  4. I've worked here for 5 years
  5. I've travelled since 2004.
  6. I haven't been to Moscow since 1995.
  7. For all my life I've been lazy.
  8. He's studied Japanese for 9 years.
  9. I haven't eaten anything since the morning.
  10. I haven't slept for the whole night.
  11. I've never tried to do it.
  12. I've written in English since last week.
  13. This book has been read by me 10 times since 2015.
  14. How long have you lived here?
  15. How long have you studied English?
  16. Have you worked here since the very beginning?
  17. Since what year have you practiced box?
  18. For how many years have they been together?
  19. Have you been married for three years?
  20. Since last month I haven't eaten meat.
  21. I haven't drunk beer for 7 month.
  22. I've been so happy since I got married.
  23. I've known her for all my life.
  24. Since yesterday we haven't talked.
  25. She's been really sad since her cat was lost.