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Shopping 2

  1. May I have this dress?
  2. Do you have a bigger size?
  3. I like it, and I want to try it on.
  4. Where can I try it on?
  5. How much is this dress?
  6. Oh, it's too expensive for me.
  7. Do you have a cheaper one?
  8. I'd like to buy new shoes.
  9. And I need a pair of slippers.
  10. Do you have a smaller size?
  11. Where can I buy tights?
  12. I'd like to buy black ones.
  13. How much is it?
  14. Do you take credit cards?
  15. Can I pay with cash?
  16. Where can I exchange money?
  17. I'd like to buy a new suit.
  18. Where can I buy jewelry?
  19. Is it a new brand?
  20. How can I pay?