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Упражнения: перевод с английского на русский и с русского на английский


  1. This is a mermaid.
  2. Her name is Ariel.
  3. She is half a girl.
  4. She is half a fish.
  5. She has no legs.
  6. She has a tail like all fish have.
  7. She is very beautiful.
  8. She lives under the water.
  9. She swims very well.
  10. She sings very well.
  11. She has a lot of sisters.
  12. She has a lot of brothers.
  13. She has a lot of friends.
  14. Once she sees a ship.
  15. She sees a handsome guy on the ship.
  16. She falls in love with him.
  17. She wants to know about people.
  18. She wants to be a real girl.
  19. She wants him to love her.