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Food and Drinks 2

  1. I drink much coffee.
  2. I drink black coffee.
  3. I don't drink tea.
  4. I drink coffee with cream.
  5. I drink coffee with sugar.
  6. He drinks tea.
  7. He doesn't drink coffee.
  8. He likes to drink juice.
  9. I like to drink water.
  10. We drink cocktails at the weekend.
  11. I eat meat.
  12. He eats fish.
  13. I eat tomatoes.
  14. He eats cucumbers.
  15. I eat pizza.
  16. He eats pasta.
  17. I cook in the morning.
  18. He cooks in the evening.
  19. I don't like soups.
  20. He doesn't like sushi.