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Упражнения: перевод с английского на русский и с русского на английский

Еда и напитки

  1. I drink tea.
  2. I drink coffee.
  3. I drink coffee with milk.
  4. I like to drink milk.
  5. I drink water.
  6. But I don't drink much water.
  7. I drink much tea.
  8. I can drink 10 cups of tea a day.
  9. Usually I drink black tea.
  10. I don't like green tea much.
  11. I eat everything.
  12. I eat meat and fish.
  13. I eat fruit and vegetables.
  14. I don't eat much bred.
  15. I like pizza and pasta.
  16. I like Japanese food.
  17. I often order Japanese food.
  18. Usually I eat at home.
  19. But I like to go to restaurants.
  20. I don't like cooking.