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Harry Potter. Part One.

  1. This is Mister Dursley.
  2. He is a big man
  3. He is a fat man.
  4. He has a very short neck.
  5. He has a big mustache.
  6. He is married.
  7. He has a wife.
  8. His wife is Petunia.
  9. He has a son.
  10. His son's name is Dudley.
  11. His son is one year old.
  12. He looks like his father.
  13. The Dursleys live in London.
  14. They are normal people.
  15. Mr. Dursley works.
  16. He is a businessman.
  17. His company sells drills.
  18. Mr. Dursley eats a lot.
  19. He goes to work every day.
  20. He doesn't like strange things.