10 .

I am afraid

1 I am afraid of water, that's why I never swim, never have a shower, never have a bath, never drink water. I am afraid of water. What do I drink? Milk, juice and coke.
2 I am afraid of cats. When I see a cat I yell, I scream, I cry and run away. I am lucky, cats never run after me.
3 I am afraid of people. People are busy. People are lazy. People are crazy. People are different. But they all are big and strong, and they can kill me. My mom always says that, I believe her, she is a very smart fly.
4 I am afraid of the sun. The sun is very big and very hot. People say, the sun can kill us all. I think we need to fly to the sun and make friends. It will know that we are good creatures and it will love us and will never kill us.
5 I am afraid of my boss. I think he wants to eat me, because once he said: 'Work well, or you'll be fired'. Now I work very well and very hard, because I don't want to be burned in a fire. (to be fired - )
6 I am afraid of flying. So when I find myself on the plain, I immediately rush to the door, open it and jump out. I am not afraid to do it because I always have my parachute with me.
7 I am afraid of swimming. I am afraid that a big fish can eat me. It will swallow me and I will live in its stomach forever. I don't want to be swallowed, I don't want to be eaten, I don't want to live in a fish's stomach. I want to live in my box and just to be myself, a little crazy bomb.
8 I am afraid of sleeping. My dreams are so beautiful and wonderful, that I don't want to wake up. My dream world is so gorgeous that I would prefer to live there. In reality I have a husband, eleven children, twelve cats, eight dogs and forty four horses. So many hungry creatures are around me. I need to feed all of them. I need to poison all of them and go to sleep.
9 I am afraid of jumping. I am sure if I jump many times at the same place, the hole will appear and I will go down, down, down and through the whole planet. And finally I will find myself on the other side of the earth. But I want to be on this side of the earth. Because it is my home.
10 I am afraid of speaking English. My teacher says I always need to speak English correctly, making mistakes is bad. How will I speak correctly if I study English only five days? But I trust my teacher, making mistakes is bad. I will study, study, study, study and I will never speak English because I am afraid of making mistakes.