First kiss
Black vodka
A hamster



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The First Kiss

It was a beautiful starry night. They were walking down the silent street. The city was sleeping. They could hear only their own steps and voices. They were young. They were beautiful. They were in love. They seemed to be happy and they really were.

They were dating for about a week. She met him six days ago. He was handsome, strong and very smart. She fell in love from the first glance at his face. He looked like a man of her dream. She was happy and a little afraid of him. She was afraid of losing him. He seemed to be so perfect and so strong. He was self-confident and there was nothing in the whole world he could be afraid of. But she was an ordinary girl, nice but not very beautiful, slim but not very attractive. "Why has he chosen me?" - she asked herself.

He liked her. She was a pretty girl, a little naive, a little clumsy, sometimes - funny, sometimes - silly. But she loved him. He knew this. He was older and more experienced. He was a good pretender. He told her that he loved her, but his feelings were not strong. She was just a new sweet toy for him.

This night he had a special plan. It was a night of their first kiss. He wasn't in a hurry - he had planned everything. And now he was ready He looked at her. She was telling about her favourite book. Her eyes were shining, her voice was trembling. He stopped. He turned to her. He took her both hands. He looked in her eyes. He whispered - "Come closer". She did. She closed her eyes. She felt his breathing. His lips were somewhere near here. They touched hers...

It was a sweet kiss. It was a long kiss. It was their first kiss.

It was the last kiss for him.

Five minutes later he was lying on the ground breathless.

- Good bye, my sweet handsome boy, I loved you so much - said she, wiping off his tasty warm blood from her lips.


: 50

Black Vodka

(story for adults)

One man liked to drink vodka. He drank vodka every evening. His wife didn't like it. She didn't know how to make him quit it. She tried a lot of things, but he drank again and again. Nothing could stop it. But she didn't want him to drink and was ready to do everything for this.

After a plenty of failures she went to a famous woman for help. This woman was some kind of sorcerer. The sorcerer asked what exactly this woman wanted from her husband.

- I want him to stop drinking vodka. I want him to love me every night. And I want to have a baby.

- I see. You should do three things, they can seem strange, but don't mix anything. Your husband will change. Will you admit it? Do you really want him to change?

- Yes, I do! I will love him if he is changed.

- He can be VERY changed.

- I'm sure he'll be better without vodka, and he'll be happy to love me and to have children.

- All right. Let's get started. To stop him to continue drinking you must make the evening vodka black - put black ink into it, you must put a fat cockroach into the bottle. And if you want him to love you much - add one drop of your blood inside.

The woman rushed home, she did everything as she had been told.

When the husband was back home, he was surprised to get vodka from his own wife. Without asking he drank it and didn't feel anything strange.

After 10 minutes he was sleeping deeply. She went to sleep too, expecting a happy life ahead.

She was awaken at night. Somebody was above her breathing hard.

She switched on a night lamp to see her husband.

Then there was a loud scream and she fainted.

Her husband was really changed.

He was ...

A huge cockroach.



: 50


A hamster

Once we bought a hamster.

When we bought him, the seller said: "This hamster has a wonderful habit. He knows where he lives. While you are alive he will find you anywhere. You are his new master. And never change his sleeping box - he won't like it."

He was so nice creature. He was small and funny. I liked to play with him very much. I liked him. He liked me. He could find his cage from any part of our big house. It was amazing. And he liked to sleep in the little dark sleeping box. It looked like a little coffin.

I often took him in my arms. He was so cute and fragile.

Once he bit me a little. It was nothing. I was bleeding for a second, it was one tiny drop of blood.

I didn't pay any attention to this.

Next day he bit me again. Harder. Then - again. It happened every day. He was beating everyone. We decided to go to a vet with him, with our ex-nice hamster.

The vet told us: "Don't worry. I'll watch him and give him medicine. Come tomorrow. Everything will be all right."

We came next day.

The veterinary station seemed to be empty. We went to the room where we left our pet yesterday.

There was a piece of paper with a note: "It's strange. The hamster must be a vampire. Need to be careful."

Then we heard a noise ahead. We looked into the folding screen and we saw ... the vet. Dead. In the pool of blood.

In shock we rushed home. We closed all doors and windows. We were scared and didn't know what to do.

We needed to be in a safe peaceful place.

Then I remembered: "While you are alive he will find you anywhere."

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