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Small Stories


ZOMBIE STORIES. The walking dead.

6. Ходячие мертвецы. Rick goes to the city.

Rick spends some days in the house with a man and his son. Do you remember the boy who hit Rick with a shovel? This boy has a father. But he has no mother. His mother died. But she is not in a coffin in the ground. She is a walker. She is a zombie.

Every day she comes to this house and tries to open a door. She wants to come into. Do you think she wants to see her husband and to kiss her son? NO! She wants to eat them! She wants to eat all people - she is a zombie!

Rick says to the boy's father: 'I'm a policeman. I have keys from my police office. Let's go there. We will find a lot of guns. We need to kill zombies until they kill us. And I need to find my family.'

'Ok' says the man. They go to the police office, they find guns. After that Rick gets into a car and drives away. He wants to find his son and his wife. But the car has no much patrol. It stops.

Fortunately Rick sees a horse in the field. He sits on the horse and rides to the city center. It is a very big mistake. Because in the city center there are a lot of... WHOM?


  1. Where does Rick spend some days?
  2. Does the boy who hit Rick have a father?
  3. Does he have a mother?
  4. Who is a zombie, boy's mother or boy's father?
  5. Who comes to this house every day?
  6. Who tries to open the door and come into?
  7. Do zombies want to kiss people?
  8. Do zombies want to eat people?
  9. Where does Rick go to take guns?
  10. Does he go to the shop to buy guns?
  11. Why does he have keys from the police office?
  12. Does Rick want to find his English teacher?
  13. Does Rick go to the city center by car or by horse?
  14. Are there a lot of police officers in the city center?

The Walking Dead