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Small Stories


ZOMBIE STORIES. The walking dead.

5. Ходячие мертвецы. Rick meets a man.

Rick goes to the city. He wants to find his family, his wife and his son. Rick is very weak, because he is after the operation. He was wounded. Somebody has shot him from a gun. Rick was in the hospital, but now hospital is empty. There is nobody there. There is nobody in Rick's house. There is nobody in the streets. Something has happened, but what? Rick doesn't know.

Rick walks very slowly. He is tired. He sits on the bench near a house. There is nobody near the house. Suddenly he sees a person. It is a man. He walks to Rick. He looks very strange. His clothes is dirty and torn. His skin is grey. Rick is very surprised. This man is very strange, like an animal.

Suddenly somebody hits Rick on the head. Rick falls on the ground. He is knocked out. He opens his eyes. He sees a boy with a shovel.
'Why did you hit me?' asks Rick.
'I thought you are a zombie' said the boy.
'Who? Zombie? What are you talking about?'


  1. Is Rick strong or weak?
  2. Where was he?
  3. Was he in the cinema or in the hospital?
  4. Is hospital empty now?
  5. Are there many people in the hospital?
  6. Are there many people in the streets?
  7. Who walks very slowly?
  8. Why does Rick go very slowly?
  9. What does he sit down on?
  10. Does he see a strange man or a strange crocodile?
  11. Does this man have clean clothes?
  12. Who hits Rick?
  13. Does the boy hit Rick on the head or on the back?
  14. Does the boy hit Rick with a shovel or with a brick?
  15. Why does the boy hit Rick?

The Walking Dead