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Small Stories


ZOMBIE STORIES. The walking dead.

4. Ходячие мертвецы. Rick meets a zombie.

Rick goes to his house. He wants to see his wife and his son. He walks and walks. There are no cars, no people, no animals in the streets. The city is empty. Soon he comes home. He opens the door and comes in. The house is empty. His wife and his son are not here.

Rick is very sad. Are they alive? Are they dead? He wants to find them. He goes out of the house. Rick goes near the park. He sees something.

What is it? - he thinks. He comes closer. He sees a dead body. It's a rotten body. And this is only half a body. There are a head, a body, arms, but no legs. He can see guts in the stomach of this body.

Rick is in shock. He is frightened. He doesn't understand. What's happened here? He wants to go away. But the dead body on the ground begins to move. It wants to catch Rick. It wants to eat Rick.

The body opens the mouth and creeps up to Rick. The body holds out its arms towards Rick. The body makes sound 'A-a-a-a-ar'. Rick goes away. He needs to find his family.


  1. Where does Rick go?
  2. Does he go to the police office?
  3. Does he go home?
  4. Who does he want to see?
  5. Does he want to see the president of the USA?
  6. Does he want to see his family?
  7. Does he find his family at home?
  8. Where does he see a dead body?
  9. Does this body have a head?
  10. Does this body have legs?
  11. Does this body move?
  12. What is this body, is it a zombie or a vampire?
  13. Does Rick kill the zombie?
  14. Does the zombie kill Rick?
  15. Who goes away, Rick or zombie?

The Walking Dead