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Small Stories


ZOMBIE STORIES. The walking dead.

3. Ходячие мертвецы. Rick is in a hospital.

Rick works as a policeman. Once he drives to one place with his partner. They meet some criminal people. One person begins to shoot. After that all people begin to shoot.

Rick shoots too. And some people die. Rick is wounded. His partner brings him to the hospital. Rick feels nothing. He has lost much blood. He only sleeps. Rick sleeps many days.

Once he opens his eyes. He is in his bed in the hospital. He sees nobody. He is alone in his room. No friends. No wife. No partner. No doctors. No nurses. Nobody. He is alone.

Rick gets up. He is not strong. He is very weak. He comes up to the door of the room. He opens the door. He goes to the corridor. The hospital is empty. He sees nobody. He hears nobody.

'What is happening?' - thinks Rick. "What's wrong?' He goes out of the hospital. He goes to the street. He sees many dead people in the street. They are on the ground. They don't move.


  1. Is Rick a doctor or a policeman?
  2. Does he have a partner?
  3. Does he have five partners?
  4. Do they meet with schoolchildren?
  5. Do they meet with criminal people?
  6. Are criminal people good or bad?
  7. Where is Rick after shooting?
  8. Is he at home or in a hospital?
  9. How many days is he in the hospital?
  10. Who does he see when he wakes up?
  11. Does he see his wife?
  12. Does he see his partner?
  13. Does he see nobody?
  14. Who does he see when he goes out of the hospital?
  15. Are there dead people or alive people on the ground?

The Walking Dead