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Small Stories


ZOMBIE STORIES. The walking dead.

1. Ходячие мертвецы. Rick and the dead girl.

Rick is a policeman. He lives and works in the USA. Once he drives to the south and he sees a lot of cars. The cars are empty. There are no people. Only cars are everywhere. It's very strange, thinks Rick.

He gets out off his car and he goes to these empty cars. He wants to know what has happened. He wants to check these cars. He looks into the cars. No people. No blood. Nothing. He looks over the cars. Nobody. He looks under the cars. Nothing.

But suddenly he sees feet in pink slippers. The feet are moving. Rick gets up and he sees a girl. But the girl doesn't see him. He looks at her back. She continues walking.

'Girl. Stop!' - Rick says. The girl stops, the girl turns and she looks at him. Rick is frightened. Rick is in shock. It's not a girl. It's a zombie. She looks terrible.

Now the zombie-girl comes up to him. She wants to eat him. She is a zombie. Zombies are always hungry. They eat people. Rick takes his gun and shoots at the girl's head. She falls down. She will eat nobody.


  1. Who is Rick?
  2. Where does he live?
  3. What does he see once?
  4. Does he see many cars or many people?
  5. Does he see any people?
  6. Does he see any animals?
  7. Does he check the cars?
  8. Does he check the offices?
  9. Who does he see?
  10. Does he see a boy or a girl?
  11. Is this girl alive?
  12. Is this girl dead?
  13. Is she a zombie?
  14. Does Rick have a gun?
  15. Does he shoot at the girl's heart or the girl's head?

The Walking Dead