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100 историй на английском языке





100 элементарных историй на английском языке

Уровень Starter, Beginner, Elementary

История 1

This is a boy. His name is Nick. He is a good boy. He is a small boy. He is five years old. He has a mother. He has a father. He has a sister. He has a brother. They are a big family. They live in London.

История 2

This is a girl. Her name is Katy. She is a nice girl. She is a beautiful girl. She is a small girl. She is four years old. She has a mother and a father. She has a bicycle. Her bicycle is new. Her bicycle is blue. She likes her bicycle.

История 3

Hello. My name is Nancy. I am 10 years old. I live in Great Britain. I go to school. I have a big family. I have mother and father. I have grandmother and grandfather. I have brother and sister. I speak English. I like English.

История 4

Hello. My name is Peter. I am a boy. I am Russian. I live in Moscow. I am seven years old. I have a small family. I have a mother, a father and a little sister. I have a car. It is a small car. It is not a real car. It is a car for children.

История 5

Hello. My name is Bill. I am forty years old. I am American. I live in New York. I am married. I have two children. My wife's name is Sara. My son's name is Bob. My daughter's name is Nancy. I am a businessman. I am rich. I have a big house with a swimming pool.

История 6

Hello. My name is Julie. I am British. I live in London. I am 30 years old. I am a teacher. I am an English teacher. I speak English and Spanish. I am married. My husband's name is Will. I have a daughter. Her name is Helen. She is six years old.

История 7

Hello. My name is Dmitry. I am twenty years old. I am Russian. I am from Russia. I live in Moscow. I live in the city centre. I am a student. I am not married. But I have a girlfriend. I live with my parents. I like Moscow very much.

История 8

Hello. My name is Bella. I am a girl. I am eight years old. I live in Paris. I have a cat. My cat is black. My cat is small. His name is Boss. He likes milk. He likes fish. He likes to play. He likes me. I like him.

История 9

This is a man. His name is Pit. He is forty one years old. He is Polish. He lives in Poland. He speaks Polish and Russian. He is married. He has three children. He is a teacher. He is a good teacher. He lives in a flat. He has a dog. His dog is small and funny.

История 10

This is a woman. Her name is Mary. She is French. She is from France. She is seventy five years old. She is married. She has a husband. She has four children. She has eleven grandchildren. She has two cats. She has two dogs. She has one parrot. She lives in a very big house.

История 11

This is a boy. His name is Patrick. He is three years old. He is a small boy. He lives in Australia. He has many toys. He has cars. He has balls. He has teddy-bears. He has small  trains. He has small planes. And he has a big dog.

История 12

This is a girl. Her name is Anna. She is Russian. She is from Moscow. She is twelve years old. She goes to school. She likes school. She has many friends. She has two brothers. They are fourteen and sixteen years old. They study at school too.

История 13

Hi. My name is Tom. I am a boy. I am nine years old. I am American. I am from the USA. I live in a big house. I live with my parents and my sisters. I have two sisters. Their names are Vanessa and Sofia. We have a cat and a dog. Our cat is one year old. It's a black cat. Our dog is seven years old. It's a big brown dog.

История 14

Hi. My name is Linda. I am British. I am from Great Britain. I am twenty seven years old. I speak English, French and German. I am a journalist. I love my work. I am not married. I don't have children. I work every day. I like to travel. I like music. I like animals.

История 15

Hi. My name is Bruce. I am from Canada. I am twenty nine years old. I speak English and French. I am a sportsman. I play hockey. I like hockey very much. I am married. My wife is an actress. We have a child. It is our son. He is two years old. He is very nice and clever.

История 16

This is a woman. She is a teacher. She is fifty five years old. She works at school. She loves children very much. And children love her too. She is married. She has a husband and three children. She has one grandson. He is five years old. His name is Jerry. He speaks English very well.

История 17

Hello. This is my friend. Her name is Helen. She is nineteen years old. She studies at University. She wants to be an economist. She can speak English and Spanish. She is not married. She lives in Moscow. She goes to the cinema. She has many friends. She plays the piano.

История 18

Hi. This is my friend. His name is Rami. He is from Colombia, from South America. He is twenty three years old. Now he lives in Russia. He studies at University in Russia. He can speak six languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Russian. He has black hair and black eyes. But his skin is not very dark. He is very interesting. He plays the piano. I like him very much.

История 19

This is my cat. Her name is Sofy. She is seven years old. She is a very beautiful cat. She is grey. She has very big yellow eyes. She likes water, she doesn't like milk very much. She likes to sleep. She likes to play. She doesn't like to jump. She loves me and I love her.

История 20

This is my car. It is a BMW. It is a new car. It is a black car. It is a big car. It is a German car. It has a DVD-player. It has an MP3-player. It has a computer. My car is very fast and very expensive. I drive my car when I go to work. I drive my car when I go shopping. I drive my car when I go to my parents. I like to drive my car.

История 21

I live in Moscow. I go to school. I study English. I speak English and Russian. I have a friend. He is my best friend. We play football together. We play chess. We go to the cinema every weekend. After school we do our homework. We like to go to school. We like to study. We like English very much.

История 22

This is my dog. It is a very big dog. It is a very old dog. My dog is fifteen years old. It's a black dog. It has big brown eyes. It has big ears. It likes to eat and to sleep. My dog eats meat, soup and bread. It drinks water and milk. It likes to watch TV. It likes to walk in the park.

История 23

I live in a big city. I live in a big flat. I live with my parents. My parents work. And I work. I work in an office. I am a manager. I work for a big company. I study English. I speak Russian. And I want to speak English. I study English every day. I listen a lot. I read English books. I watch movies in English. I speak English with my teacher. Also I play basketball. I play basketball three times a week. I like to play basketball. I like to study English.

История 24

Hello. My name is Ben. I am eighteen. I am a student. I am American. I live in a big house. I have a little sister. She is thirteen. She goes to school. We have three dogs in our family. My father has a big car. It is huge and fast. My mother has a small car. It's not very fast. I don't have a car, I have a motorbike. My sister has a bicycle. We have a lot of friends. We have many books at home. We have five big TVs in our house. We have a small swimming pool. I have my own room. It is very big. I have many things in it.

История 25

She lives in Los Angeles. She is American. But her parents are from Russia. She is nineteen. She is an actress. She is very beautiful. She is not married, but she has a boyfriend. They live together in a big house. Her name is Amanda, his name is Jack. Jack is a musician. He is very popular and rich. He plays the guitar. He plays the piano. He is a good singer too. They work much. They have much money. They want to buy a house in Paris. They study French, because they like French language.

История 26

His name is Bruce. He is American. He is an actor. He is a very popular actor. He has a big house. He has three daughters. He is very strong. He is very handsome. He is very rich. He speaks English, because he is American. He doesn't speak Russian. He has his own restaurant. He has many cars, five or six. He goes to the gym every day. He eats meat, fish and vegetables. He doesn't eat fast food. Because fast food is not good for health. He drinks much water. Sometimes he drinks beer. He runs every morning. He is a very good man.

История 27

They are my parents. They live in Russia. They live in a small house in the village. They are not young, they are about 70 years old. They speak Russian, they don't speak English. They have three children and nine grandchildren. They have a dog, a cat and many ducks. They work in the garden. They watch TV. They drink black tea, they don't drink coffee. They have many books, they like to read. They have many friends, they like to have big parties. They don't go to the cinema. They don't go to restaurants. They like to spend time at home. They have a lot of vegetables and fruit every year, because they have a big garden. And they have a small swimming pool in the garden. I love my parents very much.

История 28

These are my friends. They are Chinese. They are twenty four and twenty five years old. They live in China. They are not married. They are students. They study at University. They study hard. They study law, because they will be lawyers. They want to be rich. They want to be successful. They want to work in the United States. They also study English and German. Now they live in small flats with their parents. But they want to buy big houses in the USA.

История 29

Hello. My name is Betsy. I am twenty nine years old. I am married. My husband's name is Bob. I have a daughter. My daughter's name is Kristy. I have a son. My son's name is Tom. We have a pet. This is a cat. His name is Napoleon. Our cat is very big. He weighs thirty three kilos. He is gray. He has big yellow eyes. He is always hungry. He eats cat food, meat, fish, chicken, sea food, hamburgers, sausages, butter, bread. He drinks water, milk, cream. He likes ice-cream very much. In summer he lives in our country house. He is a good hunter. He can catch mice, rats, bats, frogs, little birds. He likes to play with insects. He catches flies, beetles, mosquitoes, dragonflies, butterflies. We love our Napoleon very much. And he loves us.

История 30

Hello. This is my computer. My computer is very old. It is about twelve years old. It is my brother's computer. But my brother has a new computer now. And I can use his old computer. It has DVD-player and MP3-player. It has many important programs. I can work on my computer. I can watch movies. I can listen to music. I can play games. I can write e-mails. I can surf the Internet. I can make my own movies. I can use the program Skype and to talk to my friends. Sometimes I want to buy a new computer. But this old computer works very well. Maybe I don't need a new one.

История 31

This story is about my phone. My mobile phone is new. It is only five months old. Its colour is black. It is a big phone but very slim and very light. It has a big screen. It has a camera, video, an MP3-player. It has a big memory. It has many games, many programs, many pictures, many films, many songs inside. I use my phone every day. I take it everywhere. I use it at work. I use it at school. I use it at University. I use it at home. I use it in shops. I use it in the street. I don't use it in the cinema. I don't use it in the theatre. I don't use it in the gym. My phone is expensive. It is Apple.

История 32

This story is about my father.  He is a strong handsome man. His name is Boris. He is fifty eight years old. He is Russian. He can speak Russian. And he can speak German. He is married. He has three children. He is very interesting and very clever. He is not very tall. But he is not short. He is not fat. He is very sporty. He runs in the morning. He likes to go fishing. He is a great fisherman. He likes to work in the garden. He likes to read. He reads every day in the evening. He likes to read poems. He remembers a lot of poems by heart. He has a very good memory. He can read books in Russian and in German. He has a lot of friends. They love him very much. They respect him very much. And I love my father very much.

История 33

This story is about my friend. Her name is Nataly. She is Russian. She lives in Moscow. She is twenty five years old. She is married. Her husband's name is Michael. She has a daughter. Her name is Paulina. She is three years old. They have a big flat in Moscow. There are five rooms in their flat. They have a very big kitchen. Nataly likes to cook and to meet her friends. And the kitchen is her favourite room. Her husband is American. He is forty four years old. He lived in the USA, but now he lives in Russia. He likes Russia, because he can make big money here. And he has a family in Russia: his wife and his little daughter. He has business in Russia and in the USA. Maybe one day they will move to America.

История 34

This story is about a frog. It is a small animal. Frogs lives near the water. They can live near rivers. They can live near swimming pools. They can live on a swamp. They are usually green or grey. They have a head, a body, two eyes, two ears, four legs. They can jump. They can swim. They can't walk or run - they only jump. They eat insects. They can catch a fly or a mosquito without any problems. They have a very long tongue.  Girls are usually afraid of frogs. Boys are never afraid of frogs.

История 35

This story is about a wolf. Wolves live in the forests. They are like dogs. But dogs live with people. Wolves live without people. A wolf is not a pet. It is not a domestic animal. A wolf is a wild animal. It is a very dangerous animal. It can kill people. It cat kill small animals. It can kill big animals. Wolves are not very small and very big animals. But they are very strong, very brave and very clever animals. They can live in a pack. They can live in their small families: a father-wolf, a mother-wolf and their cubs, their children. A mail wolf is a very good father. A female wolf is a very good mother. They can have five or ten children.

История 36

This story is about me. I live in New York. I am American. My name is Mary. I can speak English. I can speak Spanish. I can drive a car. I can ride a bicycle. I can ride a horse. I can dance. I can sing. I can play the guitar. I can play basketball. I can do many things. What can't I do? I can't speak Russian. I can't speak Chinese. I can't drive a train. I can't ride a motorbike. I can't ride an elephant. I can't cook fish. I can't sing French song. I can't play the piano. I can't play hockey. I can't do many thing. But I can study how to do everything.

История 37

This story is about what we can do and what we cannot do. A man can talk, but a cat cannot talk. A man can read, but a dog cannot read. A man can swim and a fish can swim. A man can jump but an elephant cannot jump. A man can build a house and some animals can build a house. A man can cook, but animals cannot cook. A man can make money, but animals cannot make money. A man cat fly to the space, but he cannot fly himself.

История 38

Hello. I am Michael. I am Scottish. I am from Scotland in the Great Britain. I am thirty nine years old. I am married. I have six children: two daughters and four sons. I am a driver. I have a car and a bus. I work almost every day. I speak English and I study German. I have five horses, two dogs, three cats and forty hens. I can swim. I can fish. I can hunt. I can dance. I can sing. I can play the piano. I don't smoke. I don't drink. I don't spend much money. I try to save up money. I play football with my children. I like football. I like to watch football and to play football. I like music. I like to listen to music and to play music. And I like to cook.

История 39

This is my room. This room is not very big. This room in not very small. It is a middle room. There is one big table in the middle of the room. There are four chairs near the table. There are two arm-chairs in the corner. The is one sofa. It is a small sofa, but it is very comfortable. There is one big TV on the wall. There is one huge window in my room. I can see a river, a mountain and a big park from my window. There are a lot of books and DVDs on the shelves in my room. Sometimes I work in my room. Sometimes I have a rest in my room. I can sleep here. I can relax here. I can watch TV here. I can meet with my friends here. I love my room very much.

История 40

This story is about Moscow. Moscow is the capital city of Russia. Moscow is a very big city, a huge city. There are about twenty million people in Moscow. Moscow is very beautiful. There are many old buildings and many new modern buildings in Moscow. The underground of Moscow is very big and beautiful too. It is like another city which is under ground. There are a lot of trains and a lot of people in the Moscow underground every day. The traffic is Moscow is very bad, because there are a lot of cars on the streets, and some streets in Moscow are very narrow. But there are no traffic jams in the underground. If you want to get somewhere past use the Moscow underground. It is very fast.

История 41

Hi. My name is Sophia. I am Australian. I live in Sidney. I live in a big house with my parents. We have a dog and a cat. I go to school. I am fourteen ears old. I can speak English, German and French. I like music very much and I play the piano. I like sport and I like running and swimming. I swim in the ocean in summer or in our swimming pool in winter. I like cooking. I usually cook for my parents and for my friends. I like meeting with my friends. We go to the cinema, to the beach, to the park together. I like reading. We have a big library at home. I read every evening. I read books in English, in German and sometimes in French. I like watching films. My favourite actor is Bruce Willis. I like all his movies. I don't like computer games. I think they are not interesting.

История 42

Hello. I want to tell you about my grandmother. Her name is Anna. She is eighty nine years old. She is a very old woman, but she is very kind and very active for her age. She lives in a house with her son and his family. She has her own room. She likes knitting and she knits every day. She likes roses. She has a lot of roses in the garden. Her grandchildren help her in the garden. My granny knows many wonderful stories. And she likes telling this stories to her children and grandchildren. Everybody likes to listen to this stories. They are very interesting.

История 43

This story is about a bad boy. He is ten years old. His name is Bob. He is very lazy. He doesn't like to go to school. He doesn't like to study. He likes only playing computer games. His favourite games are about monsters and zombies. He has not many friend. And his friend are bad too. They don't listen to their parents. They don't listen to their teachers. They don't do their homework. They don't do any housework. They don't want to help their parents. They like only playing, sleeping and eating. Bob is very fat boy. Because he doesn't like sports, he only eat, sleep and play computer games. His father is very angry. His mother is very sad. Only Bob is very happy.

История 44

This story is about my sister. She is sixteen years old. She is a nice girl. She goes to school. She studies well. She likes reading and playing the piano. She is beautiful and clever. But she is afraid of many things. She is afraid of flies. She is afraid of bugs. She is afraid of frogs. She is afraid of fish. She is afraid of snakes. She is afraid of spiders. She is afraid of dogs. She is afraid of cats. She is afraid of dark. She is afraid of water. She is afraid of fire. She is afraid of rain. She is afraid of snow. She is afraid of lifts. I think it's a big problem.

История 45

This story is about Pinocchio. He is a boy. But he is a wooden boy. He is made of wood. He is a wooden puppet. He lives in Italy. He has a father. But he has no mother. He is very funny and  he is very lazy. He has a very long nose. He doesn't like school. He doesn't like studying. He has two friends. They are not good friends. The are bad friends. These friends are Fox and Cat. They are very lazy too. They don't like school and studying. They don't want to work. They ask money from people in the street. They want to take Pinocchio's money. He has five golden coins. But Pinocchio is not a fool. He doesn't want to lose his money. He has a plan. He wants to buy a new school-book for himself. And he wants to buy a new coat for his father Gepetto.

История 46

This is my table. It is a very old table. It is a very big table. It is round and brown. My table is about 15 years old. I work at my table. I eat at my table. I read books at my table. I work on a computer at my table. There are some pens on the table. There are some pencils on the table. There is a dictionary on the table. There is a calculator on the table. There are five chairs near the table. There is a cat under the table. Sometimes the cat is on the table. But now the cat is under the table, because he wants to sleep. I love my old table.

История 47

His name is Marco. He lives in London. He is seventeen years old. He doesn't study at school. And he doesn't work. All his friends work, but he doesn't want to work. He is a lazy boy. But he needs money. Because he wants to buy a motorbike. It is not a new bike. It is not expensive. It costs only 300 dollars. But Marco has no money. What to do? He walks along the streets in London. He thinks about his new motorbike. He walks and walks for two hours. Suddenly he sees an old house. Nobody lives there. The window is open. Marco comes inside. The rooms are empty. But in one room he sees an old mattress. And he sees a hole in it. He puts his hand inside and... He finds money. Three hundred dollars. He runs to the shop and he buys the motorbike. He is very happy. He can ride his motorbike every day.

История 48

This is Stuart. He lives in the farm with his patents. They have a very big garden. There are a lot of peach trees in the garden. Every summer Stuart's father sells many peaches. Stuart helps his father in the garden. But he is lazy, he doesn't like to work. He wants to travel. But he doesn't have money for travelling. So he works in the garden. His father is very strict. He likes to work hard. He knows that work brings money. If you lie under a tree you will never be rich. The father cries to Stuart: Get up! Start working! And Marco goes to work. Once Stuart runs away to a big city. But he loses all his money. he is very hungry. He has no place to sleep. And he comes back home. The father is very angry. But Stuart is ready to work.

История 49

This is my day. I wake up at eight o'clock in the morning. I take a shower. I have breakfast. Usually I have a cup of coffee and bread with butter for my breakfast. At 9 o'clock I go to work. I come to the bus-stop and wait for the bus. I am at work at 10 a.m. I work for a big company. I am a manager. I like my work very much. Every day I talk to our clients. I have lunch at 1 p.m. I usually have soup, salad and tea for lunch. Then I work on my computer or go to a meeting with clients. I come back home at 7 o'clock in the evening. I have dinner at home. I have chicken and vegetables for dinner. In the evening I usually read books, study English, watch TV, play chess with my father. At eleven o'clock I go to bed.

История 50

My friend is very interesting man. He is not lazy. He does many things every day. He is thirty years old. He is married. He has a little son and a big dog. In the morning he wakes up, goes running with his dog, then cooks breakfast for his family, he reads newspapers or magazines. Then he goes to work. He writes e-mails, talks to clients, read special literature and woks on as computer at work. After work he goes home. He has a car, so he drives home. In the car he listen to the radio or music. At home he has dinner and he goes swimming to a swimming pool. Then he comes home and play with his son. Then he goes for a walk with his dog. Every Saturday he plays football with his friends. Every Sunday he visits his relatives.

История 51

I want to tell you about my favourite book. This book is about a wolf. Jack London wrote this book many ears ago. Jack London is very famous American writer. The name of this book is White Fang. He is a wolf. But he lives with people. He is very clever. He is very strong. He understands everything. But all dogs are afraid of him, because he is not a dog, he is a wolf. Sometimes they fight. Sometimes dogs die. But White Fang is always the winner, because he is the cleverest of them all. He is the strongest of them all. He is the best. He is afraid of nothing.

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