Дополнительные упражнения к учебнику Cutting Edge

Дополнительные упражнения (Elementary)

White Fang

  1. This story is about a wolf.
  2. He is half-wolf and half-dog.
  3. He was born in a wolf pack.
  4. But then people take him.
  5. He lives among dogs.
  6. He lives with people.
  7. He works for people.
  8. White Fang is very brave.
  9. He is very clever.
  10. He is very strong.
  11. This story is by Jack London.
  12. Jack London is American writer.


  1. What is this story about?
  2. Is this story about a dog?
  3. Is this story about a wolf?
  4. Is this story about a cat?
  5. Is this story about Jack London?
  6. Is this story about  Jack London's book?
  7. Is this story about Britney Spears?
  8. Is White Fane half-tiger?
  9. Is White Fang half-wolf?
  10. Is he half-cat?
  11. Is he half-dog?
  12. Does he live among people?
  13. Does he live among wild animals?
  14. Does he live among snakes?
  15. Does he live among dogs?
  16. Does he work for Nike?
  17. Does he work for me?
  18. Does he work for people?
  19. Does he work for English first?
  20. Is White Fang brave?
  21. Is White Fang shy?
  22. Is White Fang clever?
  23. Is White Fang stupid?
  24. Is White Fang strong?
  25. Is White Fang weak?
  26. Is White Fang smart?
  27. Is this story by Leo Tolstoy?
  28. Is this story by Pushkin?
  29. Is this story by Chekhov?
  30. Is it by Murakami?
  31. Is it by London?
  32. Is it by John London?
  33. Is it by Jake London?
  34. Is it by Jack London?
  35. Is Jack London a British writer?
  36. Is Jack London a Russian writer?
  37. Is Jack London a Brazilian writer?
  38. Is he American?
  39. Is he an American actor?
  40. Is he a musician?
  41. Is he a politician?
  42. Is he a doctor?
  43. Is he a writer?
  44. Am I a writer?
  45. Are you a writer?



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