Дополнительные упражнения к учебнику Cutting Edge

Дополнительные упражнения (Elementary)

Romeo and Juliet

  1. This story is about love.
  2. This love is between a boy and a girl.
  3. Boy's name is Romeo.
  4. Girl's name is Juliet.
  5. They are 14 years old.
  6. He is 14.
  7. And she is 14.
  8. They live in Italia.
  9. They are Italian.
  10. They love each other very much.
  11. They are married.
  12. But it's a secret for their families.
  13. Their families are not friends.
  14. They are enemies.
  15. They hate each other.
  16. This story is by William Shakespeare.


  1. What is this story about?
  2. Is this story about friends?
  3. Is this story about lovers?
  4. Is this story about love?
  5. Is this story about love between animals?
  6. Is this story about love between old people?
  7. Is this story about love between young people?
  8. Is this story about love between Bred Pitt and Angelina Joly?
  9. Is this story about love between Romeo and Juliet?
  10. Is this story about love between Juliet and Romeo?
  11. What's the boy's name?
  12. What's the girl's name?
  13. Is the boy's name Robert?
  14. Is the boy's name Romeo?
  15. Is the girl's name Jennifer?
  16. Is the girl's name Yulia Timoshenko?
  17. Is the girl's name Juliet?
  18. Is Julia a girl or an old woman?
  19. Is Romeo a boy or a dog?
  20. How old is Romeo?
  21. How old is Juliet?
  22. Is Romeo 40?
  23. Is Romeo 15?
  24. Is Romeo 14?
  25. Is Juliet 16?
  26. Is Juliet 44?
  27. Is she 45?
  28. Is she 14?
  29. Where do they live?
  30. Do they live in Paris?
  31. Do they live in Spain?
  32. Do they live in Italy?
  33. Do they live in Russia?
  34. Are they Spanish?
  35. Are they Russian?
  36. Are they Italian?
  37. Are they Australian?
  38. Do Romeo and Juliet love each other?
  39. Do they hate each other?
  40. Are they married?
  41. Are they single?
  42. Who is this story by?
  43. Is this story by Pushkin?
  44. Is this story by Shakespeare?



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