Дополнительные упражнения к учебнику Cutting Edge

Дополнительные упражнения (Elementary)

  1. This story is about Pinocchio.
  2. He is not a boy.
  3. He is not a girl.
  4. He is a puppet.
  5. He is made of wood.
  6. He is wooden.
  7. His name is Pinocchio.
  8. He is Italian.
  9. He is from Italy.
  10. Hi is a schoolboy.
  11. But he is very lazy.
  12. He has a father and he has no mother.
  13. His father's name is Gepetto.
  14. He has two friends.
  15. They are Fox and Cat.
  1. What is this story about?
  2. Is this story about a dog?
  3. Is this story about a teacher?
  4. Is this story about a boy?
  5. Is this story about a puppet?
  6. What is his name?
  7. Is his name Richard?
  8. Is his name Bobby?
  9. Is his name Pinocchio?
  10. What is he made of?
  11. Is he made of metal?
  12. Is he made of sugar?
  13. Is he made of plastic?
  14. Is he made of wood?
  15. Is he wooden?
  16. Is he American?
  17. Is he Russian?
  18. Is he Spanish?
  19. Is he French?
  20. Is he Italian?
  21. Is he from Italy?
  22. Where is he from?
  23. Is he a musician?
  24. Is he a politician?
  25. Is he a president of the USA?
  26. Is he a schoolboy?
  27. Is he a good boy?
  28. Is he lazy?
  29. Has he got friends?
  30. Has he got a mother?
  31. Has he got a father?
  32. What is his father's name?
  33. Is his father's name Edward?
  34. Is his father's name William?
  35. Is his father's name Gepetto?
  36. How many friends has he got?
  37. Who are Pinocchio's friends?
  38. Are they boys?
  39. Are they girls?
  40. Are they Bear and Hare?
  41. Are they fish?
  42. Are they Cat and Fox?



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