Дополнительные упражнения к учебнику Cutting Edge

Дополнительные упражнения (Elementary)

Fantastic Mister Fox

  1. This story is about Fantastic Mister Fox.
  2. He is not a boy.
  3. He is not a girl.
  4. He is an animal.
  5. He is a fox.
  6. His name is Mister Fox.
  7. He is American.
  8. He is from the USA.
  9. Hi is not a schoolboy.
  10. He is very smart and clever.
  11. He has a family.
  12. He has a wife and four children.
  13. He steals food.
  14. Somebody wants to kill him.


  1. What is this story about?
  2. Is this story about a cat?
  3. Is this story about a birdr?
  4. Is this story about a box?
  5. Is this story about a fox?
  6. What is his name?
  7. Is his name Max?
  8. Is his name Willy?
  9. Is his name Mister Fox?
  10. Is he American?
  11. Is he Russian?
  12. Is he Spanish?
  13. Is he French?
  14. Is he Italian?
  15. Is he from Japan?
  16. Where is he from?
  17. Is he a musician?
  18. Is he a politician?
  19. Is he a prime-minister of Russia?
  20. Is he a mother?
  21. Is he a father??
  22. Is he smart?
  23. Is he stupid?
  24. Has he got a family?
  25. Has he got a mother?
  26. Has he got children?
  27. Has he got dollars?
  28. Has he got one child?
  29. Has he got five children?
  30. Has he got three or four children?
  31. How many children has he got?
  32. Does he go to work?
  33. Does he go to school?
  34. Does he steal?
  35. Does he steal money?
  36. Does he steal computers?
  37. Does he steal wood?
  38. Does he steal food?
  39. What does he steal?
  40. Do you steal food or wood?


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